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Senator Reid, Senator Dodd and Republican Leader John Boehner

What interesting things I’m hearing this morning as the debate was off and now it’s back on again.  The process to determine conditions of the bailout continue and along with that comes many questions from the media.  We are concerned and We Are The People.
Someone is forgetting that fact.  I’ve picked it up from the voices of such individuals as Senator Reid, Senator Dodd and Republican Leader John Boehner.  I’ve heard it several times said today in whichever way it was presented, “We are not going to debate the terms in front of you.”
That “You” being We The People…
It is because of some high feeling sentiment that members of Congress feel as if they are our big brother, our dad, our guardian or our boss.  I feel we elected them.  But, I don’t feel that I have no right, no input in the goings on in Washington.
This is the conversation I feel we are having:
Them: We have this problem and we will work it out on our own.
We The People:  Listen to us, we have ideas.
Them: Uh last time I checked, you didn’t have a vote.
In fact, “Last time I checked, you didn’t have a vote,” was actually uttered by Republican Leader John Boehner.
Senator Reid said, and I paraphrase, “I’m not going to discuss the terms in front of you.”
“You” meaning We The People. “You” meaning you little people, the masses I must govern.
Taking political correctness out of the factor, this is what they are meaning to say, “Go stand over there you little pion.  I will tell you when I’m damn good and ready to tell you.”
This is big stuff.  This is our future.  This is our present.  Knock it off!  Come down from your high horse.  Whose problem is this anyway?

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