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Everyone Should Be A Fan Of Kim Raver And I Have Seven Sexy Reasons Why

I don’t know where I’ve been. I normally stay on top of these things. But, Kim Raver has been able to be in quite a few shows I watch and somehow, I kept missing her.
But the moment I laid eyes on her, I fell in love. Sorry Jennifer Aniston! The fact is that I’m still in love with you too. But, fans are allowed. We can be in love with more than one celebrity.
Kim Raver is stunning. I watched a Lifetime movie the other day called Bond of Silence and I could hardly concentrate on the story. I was enamored with her. I imagined our future together and how many children we’d have. But, that fantasy ended when I found out she was married.
Of course, she’s married. The good ones always are.

From Lipstick Jungle

lipstick jungle

Pure And Honest Beauty

pure and honest

She Doesn’t Have A Bad Angle

never a bad angle

The Stunning Look She Has

that look she has

Simply Awesome

kim raver

Absolutely Perfect

absolutely perfect

Absolutely Stunning

absolutely stunning

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