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She's So Hot, She Makes The World Stop

There literally are times when I see such a perfect body that it makes me stop everything I’m doing and appreciate it for a second. Of course, I’m not talking about one perfect type of body. That’s the thing about the way I look at beauty.
There are absolutely stunning bodies of all shapes and sizes. You just know a hot body when you see it. She walks by you and the world stops for a moment. I can’t put my finger on what it takes for a lady to be that hot. All I know is that the world has stopped for me from to time.
Maybe it’s in the way she carries herself. She knows she looks good. She doesn’t need anyone else’s approval. She lives her life without all the worries of what society has defined as the perfect body and whether or not she comes close.
The thing is, I was motivated to write about this because I saw one. My world stopped when I saw her and I couldn’t help myself. The funny thing about it was I had never seen that girl before. She was a celebrity, yes. But, she wasn’t anyone I had ever heard of before.
And it wasn’t just about her having a hot body. It was about the photo. The way it was done. The most perfect presentation of hot. There are millions of photos with hot bodies in them. So, what makes one photo stand apart? That’s the mystery.
So, I decided to compile a few of them and give appreciation to the celebrities I absolutely adore. Then, my idea grew even bigger than that. I want you to get involved. You can look at mine and then share some of your own. If you upload photos, they will immediately be included on the list and we’ll all get to see what we think of as the perfect body.
Of course, we all understand that it’s subjective. We all have our own ideas of what the perfect body is and that’s what makes this so awesome. We get to share what we love and that’s alright.
Note: Keep it clean. All photo submissions must be wearing a bikini at least. No nudity.

Kelly Monaco

Jennifer Metcalf

Ella Rose

Kim Kardashian

Sofia Vergara

Jennifer Lawrence

Bella Hadid

Jennifer Aniston

Kaley Cuoco

Megan Fox

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