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Stephen Colbert Rips Off Jennifer Aniston

Stephen Colbert reached back into the past for great ideas and found a few. Only they weren’t his ideas and he didn’t think anyone would catch him. Of course, it’s no biggie. People do it all the time.
Think about it! Promotion can be hard. So, advertisers go for what’s easy. Sex, drugs and rock always seem to work. You can put a hot girl in a hamburger commercial and they’ll sell. Girls washing a car works every time, no matter what the product is.
So, Stephen Colbert used someone else’s idea. Let’s take a look at what he did first! This is Stephen Colbert’s three second promo for the Late Show. The problem is, it’s supposed to be 30 seconds. So, what works?

Where did he get the idea from? Well, none other than one of my favorite actresses Jennifer Aniston. She did it first for Smartwater back in 2012. But, she did a whole lot more than that . . .

And of course, this isn’t scandalous. This isn’t drama I’m drumming up. After all, this is Celebrity ADVOCATE Today by the way. Stephen probably called Jennifer about the idea for all we know.
But, now you know and you saw it here first folks. Fine investigative work at its best. Or just the simple truth that I’m a huge Jennifer Aniston fan. I don’t know how you couldn’t be.
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