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Vogue Let's You Follow Supermodel Ashley Graham Around For About A Day

They call her a plus-size model. Why they have to distinguish her like that is beyond me. She looks great with those awesome curves.
Models don’t all need to be the same shape and size. I don’t like skin and bones. But, that’s just my preference. It appears the fashion industry likes them that way and only allows them to eat a carrot and have a bottle of water per day. But, the drugs are free flowing. So, they have that going for them.
The thing is the fashion industry is wrong when they try to make every girl on the catwalk look the same. They want them all the same size with the same ribs sticking out of the sides. Why would they want to take all the variety away from the beautiful women of this world?
A good catwalk would have the skinny girl along with the full figured model. They would have girls of all types, heights, and colors walking the catwalk because variety is the spice of life.
And that’s why I believe Ashley Graham is such an awesome model. She breaks the mold of the fashion industry standard and she looks great doing it. You can see for yourself. Follow her around for a day and a half to watch what she goes through on the daily.
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Spend A Day And A Half With Ashley Graham

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