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The Celebirty Apprentice is…what?

Celebrity Apprentice finally came to an end with two of the most surprising contenders in the finale.  I like both of them. I’d like to say that before anyone gets any idea that I had a problem with either contender. I’m just surprised. There were many great competitors and I couldn’t believe it when, one by one, they all got fired except for Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall.
To kick off the night, our questions were answered from the cliffhangers we were left with from last week.  There was footage of Magic facing forward.  In the clips that came through, a clip did finally arrive that had Magic facing forward. But, that was hilarious. Seeing Adam’s face when Magic turned to the side was priceless.
In the other camp, the tiff between Clay and Debbie was finally squashed. Clay did exactly what I would have done. He looked at her work in the past and made his decision from that.  She was approved to do the mural and it was last minute getting it up and running.
With those two disputes under the rug, it was time for the teams to get going and here are my thoughts in order as I watched:
I know they love to fake us out on the show. But when I see Clay’s first three ticket sales totaling $50,000 and Arsenio’s reaching $20,000, I thought there was going to be no competition. But, that’s what they want us to think.
Donald is definitely trying to heat things up sitting people next to each other and bringing up their disputes.  It is most of the fun as far as the show is concerned and I love how he goes right for it.
The first thing he brings up is the Lou Ferrigno, I give a110%.  I had mentioned that before in other articles.  Sometimes, he didn’t give a 110%. How can you give 110% when you’re standing around not knowing what to do?
Donald brought up the Dayana and Lisa dispute. The funniest part about it was when he showed the clip of Dayana making fun of Lisa crying. That was hilarious and I thought Lisa handled that very well.
Donald also brought up the Adam and Theresa dispute. Adam called Theresa naive. Then, he said that Theresa thought that was the name of a douche. That’s too funny!
Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Four commercial breaks in the first hour of the show. Six in the last thirty minutes.
The announcement I have been patiently wating for confirms my inital gut feeling. $167,000+ is what Arsenio raised. $301,000+ is what Clay raised.
At this point, I know it’s Clay. I’m thinking in the back of my mind, they fooled me again. But, I just can’t shake the feeling that it’s Clay.
It was a good rendition of Lean on Me! Actually, it’s a perfect song for the fact that they were helping charities. And it’s the perfect song for them to sing because they actually did help each other and become good friends through the show.
Could the last ten minutes of the show taken any longer? We came back from a commercial break to hear their rendition of Lean on Me, to go on another commercial break. Little did we know, there was going to be another commercial break coming as well.
We came back from commercial with less than four minutes left in the show. We listened to Aresenio and Clay give their final interview speeches. It was getting so deep in that room, I can’t believe no one was standing on a chair.
And they, did it!  They fooled us. Who cares that Clay made nearly twice as much money in his charity event? Donald never gave so much as a hint as to why he was choosing Arsenio. He just named him the winner and that’s that. Good night!
So, I’ll do the same. Arsenia won…good night!

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