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The Famous Mountain Man Joins The Growing List Of Passing Legends

I don’t think a week throughout history has ever claimed more celebrities than this past one. Beginning with the legend David Bowie and then taking British actor Alan Rickman, this tragic week ended with the passing of Grizzly Adams, Dan Haggerty.
Famous for his role as the Mountain Man in The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, Dan was an American icon. He starred in other shows such as CHiPs and Charlie’s Angels. But, he was best known for his role in the popular show loosely based on a true story.
His companion was a bear, but he got along with all creatures of the wilderness. That’s what made the show so popular. Fans tuned in every week to see what wild animal he was going to befriend next. It was nothing to see him petting a deer or playing with a fox. The legend goes that the real Grizzly simply had a natural vibe with creatures who would normally be weary and stay away from human scent.
So long Grizzly! He died on January 15, 2016 of cancer at the age of 74.

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