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The Hottest Hottie on Perfect Couples

imageNow, hear this!  Before the uproar begins, I think they all three are hot.  Got that!  They’re all hot!
But, what I want to know is who you think is the hottest…
Gratuitous Excerpt:

Mary Elizabeth Ellis who plays Amy is a steamy actress with soft blue eyes and a great body befitting a gymnast, which she taught for ten years in her lifetime before getting into a dysfunctional relationship with Vance, her other half.
Olivia Munn plays Leigh who is the constant striving-for-perfection type who reads the latest self-help novels and ignores her therapist’s insistence that she not call after work hours.  With stunning eyes and a heart-stopping smile, she is beauty personified and there’s one thing about her that wildly attracts me to her most…her refinement.  It’s in the top ten of men’s most common fantasies.
But if you ask me, assume you did even though this is my article, I would say that Christine Woods who plays Julia is the hottest of the hotties on Perfect Couples.  Her beauty is bound in her Girl Next Door appeal.  Hair down, hair up, it doesn’t quite matter because she has style either way.  She is the type who looks absolutely hot in a dress and heels, but just as great in sweats and running shoes.
So, who is your choice?
Disclaimer:  All three could have easily been awarded The Most Beautiful Woman in the World when the results came out a week ago.  All three were certainly on the short list, but we had to narrow it down to only three and the panel made that happen.  There were casualties and it wasn’t nice for anyone involved!

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