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The Humor of Reggie Watts

Reggie just came at me tonight kicking my butt all over the floor.  He is in your face with his intelligence that he uses to demonstrate the absurdity he sees in this world.

It’s the kind of humor I can kick back and get all day because it puts the idiosyncrasies of the world on display.  His rap at the end of Why S*** So Crazy? is a commentary on what makes rap and the rap industry ridiculous.  Catch the video sometime if you can.  It’s called F ck Sh t Stack.  No, you’re reading those titles correctly.  Watch the show and you’ll understand why his titles are spelled that way.
He records sound bites on stage and then plays them back with other sound bites that he creates on stage.  He sings or raps and he changes his voice to any tone, any accent, anything.  He has some real talent.  He is using it to humor us.  But, he could just as easily get serious with it.
He actually has more talent than some of the big guys in the hip hop industry today.  Reggie can change up and do Reggae whenever he feels.  He turns it on, shuts it off, talks about a few things that makes us laugh and then he’s right back into it again.  That’s the sign of a genius.
Anyway, the excerpt to the left is from his Comedy Central special Why S*** So Crazy? It’s the perfect example of the kind of humor that makes Reggie so F ck ng awesome.  He talks about his research in Mexico and how the GPS intuitive linguistic system in Mexico is different from that of Canada and America.  He talks about the obviousness there is something that you can’t miss.
Reggie Watts
Why S*** So Crazy?

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