The NOVEL that strippers tip at strip clubs!

The Justin Bieber Misconception

Justin Bieber NewsThe big talk about Justin Bieber this morning is how he was drag racing after dropping major cash in a strip club. Let’s just put it this way, the girl’s just paid off their cars and are looking at buying houses.
Then, he was arrested for suspicion of a DUI. Of course, he has been in the news lately for egging his neighbor’s house, his own got raided by police for security footage and in the process they found drugs…professional cough syrup is about the only way I know how to describe what they found. So, dude is going hard! Right?
I found it funny when Robin on Good Morning America said, “And we have to remember, he’s still underage. Sometimes, we tend to forget that.”
Lara said, “Oh, that’s right.”
Um, no he’s not. He’s 19. He might not look like a man. But by government standards, he has been one now for a year. So he will stand in front of a judge and take his spanking, which in the Celebrity Universe will turn into a vacation at rehab…on this first one.
By the way, Allegedly is being used quite generously these days. I love it when they have the person caught on video, “The suspect allegedly stole the child’s candy right from the little toddler’s hands…Allegedly!”
They could be waving at the camera, with a name tag on their chest, flashing their ID, yelling out their name, “The suspect allegedly pushed the elderly lady aside to get to the front of the line…Allegedly!”
Not every time is it Allegedly. Sometimes, a person is just damn guilty okay? Dead to rights! Red handed! With the shooting gun! See, sometimes it’s that…

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