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The Perfect Woman: Theresa Vail

Theresa VailA sergeant in the National Guard and sporting some beautiful ink, Theresa Vail is doing something that has never been done before. She’s rocking her ink in the Miss America Pageant. What taboo has she stirred?
ABC News reports that the, “…saccharine-sweet image of Miss America contestants could be shattered.” I have a great idea! Why doesn’t the Miss America Pageant drop the fake bit and start being more real to the millions of viewers who watch the show?
Or wait a minute, is it the media who is turning this into a controversy? It does sound like something they would do!
Miss America is now a single mother putting herself through college and proud to be single, because she’s not looking for Prince Charming. She can take care of herself! In this case, she can skin a buck, run a trout line and she’s serving our country!
But, that’s not all Theresa Vail can do. She sings opera. She shoots a rifle as well as a bow and arrow. She jumps out of airplanes. She’s a boxer. And she’s a mechanic. This is the ultimate woman and yes, I am in love.
Fine, tell your jokes about how I’m in love with every beautiful lady who walks the earth. Well, Sgt. Theresa Vail is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World and she will be on my next list with all the other Most Beautiful Women in the World!

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