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The Rundown … Celebrity Apprentice

It was an interesting episode. I would have to say that it has the elements I am really going to enjoy watching this season. Dennis Rodman, Tom Green, Annie Duke, Jesse James, Joan Rivers…etc. The rest will make the show as well, but these celebrities brought me to the table.
Dennis Rodman, get off the truck! Annie Duke, let Brande Roderick sell a box of cupcakes for $9000! Joan Rivers, say something funny!
Jesse James cracked more jokes than the comedians on the show. The cupcakes taste like ass. Now, that’s funny. I don’t care who you are. That’s funny.
Tom Green surprised me too. Rather than cracking jokes, he actually showed me how he could be down to earth and on focus. He tried to get Andrew Dice Clay’s back when he saw Clint Black and Hershel Walker trying to throw him under the bus. But, Andrew just wasn’t listening to anyone.
He didn’t want to bake cupcakes. So, he went to Sirius and promoted the show. He took Rodman along with him, who actually got Andrew to admit his true motivation for getting out of the kitchen and taking a field trip, “You didn’t put any effort in it at all. None whatsoever.”
“Ok, you want me to be honest. I don’t want to bake cupcakes…” and there it was in the nutshell.
So, he ends up in the boardroom defending himself. Donald Trump asked him who he would fire and he said himself, “Are you trying to quit?” Trump interrupted, “Because I don’t think you’re a quitter. You’ll regret it. Quitting’s stupid. The only two people who have ever quit became losers. They’re nobodies. But, if you want to quit, go ahead…”
“I’m not quitting,” Andrew answered. “I’m not trying to quit.”
I wish he would have said what he really meant to say, “I’m taking responsibility. I’m not a quitter. I’m not quitting. I gave you an answer Donnie and the answer to your hypothetical question is that if I had to fire someone, it would be me.”
But, Donald Trump was trying to get under his skin and I think he got there a little bit. Andrew Dice Clay talked outside the boardroom about just that. He’s not a quitter. He wasn’t trying to quit. He was just answering a question as honestly as he could.
So, Andrew don’t bake. I think we knew that going in…
And Annie Duke, the bad poker player on the level with Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu, she took charge. I have to admit that. Sometimes, she wanted to take charge so bad that it clouded her judgment. But, at least she was the voice of direction when there wasn’t any direction.
Annie Duke is one of my favorites. But, going up against $9,000 for cupcakes because you think there might be bigger money coming isn’t bright. If she had an inside track on that, then that would be different. But, her people had already come and given their money to the cause. Let someone else get there’s now, Annie!
The rest of the season is going to be that good. These egos are going to clash and I want to be there at the train wreck when it comes. Joan Rivers is going to snap. Tom Green is going to really get on someone’s nerves. It’s just in his blood. And Jesse James, I’d like to see snap. I really would.
He’s a pretty level-headed guy. But, he likes dismantling things and blowing them up when he gets the chance. Plus, I’ve seen him get upset and come close to snapping on “Monster Garage.” So, it’s been a long time coming and it’s bound to happen. Why not on national television?

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