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The Russia Dilemma for Lady Gaga and Madonna

Lady GagaI’ve got to give it to the two ladies for speaking so passionately about what bothers them. Lady Gaga and Madonna have issues with Russia’s anti-gay laws. So much so that they felt driven to speak out about it, in Russia!
I hate to state the obvious, but do they understand that they are not protected by the same Freedom of Speech laws we enjoy in America? It feels nonsensical that something so obvious would have to be pointed out to them. But, I do wonder if they are aware of the difference between Freedom of Speech in Russia, which is none, and Freedom of Speech in America, which is very little, slowly becoming less and less.Madonna
What I’m going to find interesting is the difference between Capitalism and Communism. But, I really can’t figure out which one we are at this point.
When someone does something wrong in America, we boycott them. They either fold to pressure, go out of business or a counter-activist movement comes to the rescue.
Our government can certainly be threatened into making decisions. Boycott a state and find out how fast they move to make changes!
But, Russia is made of different stuff right? Well, we’ll find out!
If celebrities decline to attend the Olympics in Russia and fans start yanking money, will we see a different side to the Russian interior? Deep down inside the heart of Russia, are they effected by money the way we are? It will be interesting to see.
Stay tuned to the news on this one! You will either watch Russia change its laws, change its popular opinion or show us they really don’t care about what we think of them. They either believe what they believe or they just believe what they want out of convenience. It’s easy to flip flop when you really don’t stand for anything!
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