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The Sad Death of Jessica Barrymore

Jessica BarrymoreI normally don’t talk about tragedy on Celebrity Advocate. But, I should. It’s nothing I should be hiding from even though I much prefer lighthearted topics and defending those celebrities who are still alive.
But it’s sad that the sister of Drew Barrymore, Jessica Barrymore’s body was found in her car two days ago. I think it’s drastic that people have to rush to rumors that it was an apparent suicide. When investigators announced what they found in the car, that was the first thought people had.
Of course, her brother John Barrymore set the record straight. She was not suicidal. She had visited her ill mother the day before, but John insists that would not have made her suicidal. Although John pointed out that the investigators did find empty bottles of Vodka, bags of meth and a variety of pills.
John believes that it was one of those cases of a drug overdose. Of course, the mixture of Vodka, pills and meth have the ability to take over. It’s not as if someone chooses to take themselves that far. It’s that after losing the ability to judge accurately, the body has to take on more than it can handle.
Drew Barrymore issued a statement that she was sorry for the loss Jessica’s family feels right now. When I first read it, the statement seemed odd. But, the fact is that the three siblings really didn’t know each other. They had only met once a few years ago to spread their father’s ashes.
So, let’s just leave her to Rest in Peace. Feel the frustration John feels and allow his memories to be the ones he keeps.

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