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The Ultimate Goodbye

imageIt was the ultimate goodbye at The Office. Jim said one time when Michael Scott has other plans, that’s when he likes to invite Michael over for dinner. That way, Jim and Pam can always say that they offered. But, Michael has to decline.

When Michael asks Jim to come over, Jim comes up with plans that he has of his own. He takes a rain check every time. It’s an elaborate scheme Jim cooked up so that they would never have to have Michael over for dinner. One time, Michael caught him though. Jim had just said that he didn’t have any plans.

Caught red handed, Jim and Pam were forced to go to the dinner where they were treated to awkward tension between Michael and Jan. It was torture. If I were in Jim and Pam’s shoes, I would have felt like I had been singled out to be made miserable.

So that’s been the running joke for years. Michael asks, Jim has plans. When Michael has plans, Jim asks. 

In Goodbye, Michael, Michael tells us that he is leaving the next day. Then, he lets us in on the fact that he is actually leaving that evening. Phyllis is knitting mittens for Michael and Michael is rushing her.

Michael keeps asking Jim where Pam is, he would like to see her. She by the way is out shopping for shredders and she takes in a movie. Why not right? It’s The Office. Jim suddenly picks up on a vibe. It was an awesome goodbye that only Jim and Michael shared.



But like I’ve said, it’s an elaborate joke the writers of the show are playing on all of us. Michael isn’t leaving the show. Who would take his place?

James Spader

Ray Romano

Jim Carrey

Because it doesn’t seem as if Will Ferrell is going to be around much longer.

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