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The Voice Chose The Right Voice

imageDoes it seem to anyone else that Journey is going to bust out with Wheel In The Sky every time Carson Daily announces how we can vote for a performer on The Voice?

I can’t help but think that and I’m wondering if anyone else is with me.

As far as Christina Aguilera is concerned, she did as good of a job as anyone could have expected. She chose Frenchie after Beverly was saved by America.  Personally, I liked Lily’s performance but I can’t fault Christina for the terrible situation she was in having to send two outstanding girls home.

I have to say that tonight Nakia rocked it.  There is no two ways about it.  But, just before that, when Cee Lo’s team rocked Everyday People, that was a bunch of fun and that’s what entertainment is about.  Cee Lo brought it!

I waited then for Javier to come and rock it like he has in the past. Jeff’s performance was good. But when compared to Nakia, there is none.  Javier chose Angel by Sarah McLachlan, which is one of my favorite songs. And at the end of the day, we will have Nakia and Javier standing alone after America saves them next week.

When Dia was chosen by America, my heart sank for Xenia. I liked Jared Blake’s performance and Patrick sang a song I absolutely love, which sometimes influences which I way I am going to go. But, I was so thankful when Blake Shelton chose Xenia. She has something no one else on the show has and something very few artists out there have.

I have been a loyal viewer since it first aired. But, I had no idea what they were going to do with it.  I still don’t and I think that’s what keeps me watching.

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