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What Is Going Down at Burn Notice

imageThe levels were almost complete.  Michael Westen was working with a CIA Operative on assignments and getting ready to get reinstated. Of course, we can’t count on anything running smooth.not with Burn Notice. But, it just got crazy.

The CIA Operative Michael Westen is in contact with is killed. Michael Westen is first on the scene, grabs the gun, chases after people who are seem to be a part of the plot and then realizes he is being framed.

So, he takes the access logs and then covers his track.  He holds onto the gun and repels off the top of the building before anyone finds him there.  They melt down the gun which is the only remaining bit of evidence that would point to Michael being guilty.

But, it’s not!  This is getting really interesting. Jesse tracks down a way to find the guy who made a phone call.let me just stop there. It’s a whole spy thing. So, it leads to getting security tapes from a store that sells cellphones.

Michael has his mom watch the tapes while he’s dong more important stuff.  Her directive, write down the time and date of anyone who comes in to buy a cellphone.  Easy enough!

But, guess what?  Maddie watches and finds the man who bought the cellphone that made that most critical phone call.  It’s Michael.  What’s going on?

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