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Whatever Happened to the Geico Gecko?

The last I saw of the Geico Gecko was he was in a meeting with a top guy at Geico.  They were talking about trust issues and the guy wanted to play a “trust” game.
With the Gecko standing in the middle of the floor, the guy wanted to fall back and trust that the Gecko would catch him.  I’ve played that game before with kids, but I’ve never played it with a Gecko.
First of all, the kids don’t catch me.  I catch them.  I don’t think the kids could catch me even if I could trust them to catch me.
So…is that what happened to the Gecko?  He tried to catch the guy.
Now, we have eyes on a stack of money following us.  Anything would be better than a stack of money and eyes following us.  Bring back the cavemen.  They were funny.
Find the Gecko’s brother!

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