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What's Up With Kevin Hart Getting Dissed And Watch Him Come Back With It Too

Wild ‘N Out is getting ready to start with a new season and it’s going to be just as hilarious as it always was. If you don’t know, go to Netflix and watch a few back episodes. Is it on Netflix? I don’t know. They have everything else.
Anyway, Nick Cannon is the host. But, he gets involved and he gets burned right along with the rest of them. Nothing is sacred. They go after wives. They go after careers. They don’t stop if they think it’s going to get a laugh, and it will.
But, Nick Cannon got his own burns in though. Don’t think he just sits there and takes it all. He can comeback and that’s what the show is all about.
He always brings on the biggest in entertainment. He’s got guests from Snoop Dogg to Zendaya. But, this video clip shows one of the hottest comedians in the game.
Just for a taste, get a hold of this. Kevin Hart shows you what he’s got when he gets dissed. Do you think he don’t come back with something? And he’s on point too!

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