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Where Is Fiona In Season 5 of 'Elementary?'

When Fiona came on Elementary last season, who knew what role she was going to play? The first episode revealed she was autistic with a great mind. But, she was just a character who was questioned and that was that.
Or so we thought. She shows up a few episodes later to hire Dr. Watson to check someone out. It becomes clear that Sherlock took a liking to her and Fiona admits her feelings for him as well. By the end of the season, Fiona has ended the courting with Sherlock. Then, Sherlock did something that was unexpected.
You thought he would be relieved that the relationship didn’t become serious. Then, there’s that touching scene where he has a heart-to-heart talk with Fiona and the relationship is back on. So, where did she go?
Executive producer Rob Doherty said, “That is a story that has yet to resolve itself. That’s assuming there is a resolution or a punctuation mark coming. I don’t know that there is. Dating Fiona was a big step for him this season. As he expressed to her, he’s never had a ‘girlfriend’ outside of Moriarty. Knowing what he knows now, it’s hard to look back and call her a girlfriend. As we get into next season, Fiona is someone that we would like to see again. We’ll see what the state is for that relationship after a few months have passed.”
Is she coming back or what? Because of her appearance in the show, I have become a fan of Betty Gilpin. I watched Nurse Jackie because of her and I skipped entire seasons just to get to the point where she finally shows up.
I watched a series of shorts she was in called The Walker just to check out more of her work. But, Elementary promised me that she’d be back and I’m still patiently waiting. I’m going to start watching Masters of Sex since she’s in 7 episodes so far.

The Last Scene

Ready or Not

She Is Absolutely Stunning


With Class


On ‘Nurse Jackie’

In the meantime, I always have and always will be a fan of Dr. Watson. Lucy Liu brings an element of awesome to the show that no one else could. She’s smart, caring, serious, and with a sense of humor.
Plus, she’s quite a looker herself. Can’t help but fall in love with her.

Dr. Watson


Lucy Liu


Brings Her Own Sense Of Style


She Knows It Drives Us Wild


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