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Who Wins America’s Got Talent

No. I don’t have the inside scoop.  But, I know.  It’s one of those times when I just know.

But first, let’s cover the four top talents who will go on to next week.  I’m torn between five.  But, I know who wins.

One, Fighting Gravity and Michael Grasso are Las Vegas acts all the way.  Fighting Gravity can be compared to the Blue Man Group while Michael Grasso could be up with Criss Angel.

Two, Prince Poppycock could make his own show about anything at all he wanted.  He could do a show as awesome as Pink Floyd or Queen.

Three, Michael Grimm has to make it into the top four.  His soul voice tonight was exactly like the real thing.  Not a note out of tune.  They were all there.

image But, the one who wins is Jackie Evancho.  It’s hands down.  If it were about talent and not votes, she would win without a fight.  She has the best talent of all of them.  She is not even rough around the edges.  She’s polished and the fact that she’s ten just makes it even more phenomenal.  When she opens her mouth and this full grown adult’s voice comes out, it’s the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

So, those are my top five who will make it in the top four.  If I were to really narrow it down, I could take Fighting Gravity out of the running.  But, that’s only because I didn’t think their show tonight was as good as the others they’ve performed.

But, don’t worry about who is going to win.  It’s Jackie.  Besides, I want to be a part of making Piers Morgan’s dream come true.

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