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Winning 5-2 In The Women's Cup Final, The US Women's National Soccer Team Has Some Modeling Power

It’s not what you’re supposed to be doing when they are battling for the Cup. But when the U.S. Women’s National Team walked on the field and the camera panned down through them, it was the first thought I had. There are some beautiful girls on this team.
If they wanted to take this huge historical win they got tonight and turn it into multiple lines of stardom, they can definitely do some photo shoots. There are girls that can run a good solo career, and Solo is definitely one of them.
Hope SoloHope Solo is one of the first girls I noticed out on the field. There’s just something about her that drew my eyes. Then, I looked her up and found out why. She has that wild spirit just like I do. So, can you say immediate fan? That’s right, I am one now.
We watched the game from every screen at the Wing House. I was ready with my wings and chili cheese fries while others were still coming in the door. Obviously, they hadn’t planned ahead because seats were getting harder and harder to find. And then. . .I missed the first goal.
My experience with soccer is that it can normally take ten minutes of play before someone scores. But, this wasn’t going to be one of those games. It was set to begin in high gear and go that way the entire game. I heard people cheer and I looked up to see that we had scored. I had to watch how in the reruns. That’s when I saw her again. Hope Solo at the other end of the field holding Japan back to just two tonight.
Hope SoloSure her stardom is based on the fact that she’s awesome at soccer and has been on the National Team for 15 years besides the fact that she has two gold medals. But, no one can argue that she knows how to take a photo. She’s great at red carpet events and is a natural in front of the camera.
alex-morganBut, she’s not the only one. The whole team is beautiful. There just aren’t too many photo shots of the rest of the team, unless you’re Alex Morgan. She has been able to shine through too!
The thing is that sports don’t offer people too many chances to look attractive. If you take a snapshot in time of Carli Lloyd or Tobin Heath while they are sprinting up the field, blocking off a defender or celebrating a goal, it’s not attractive. Their faces are contorted like they’re in the middle of doing their business. It doesn’t do them any justice. So, it’s a good guess they don’t get asked to do too many photo shoots.
The kicker is, I have a feeling there will be a whole lot of opportunity now that they won the Cup and will be getting a lot of attention in the coming months. The photos will start hitting viral and they deserve it. They may not think that being beautiful is an important thing, maybe they do. But, it’s something I see and they have it, the entire team.
Congratulations to the U.S. Women’s National Team! I believe they mentioned this would be Abby Wambach’s last year. What a way to go out! With a win and on top of the world. What a way to wrap up our 4th of July weekend.
USA Women's National Team

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