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Epic Proportions

In the urban dictionary, which is hilarious by the way, A Nightmare of Epic Proportions is defined as the boyfriend failing to reserve the suite at the best hotel in town when the husband decides to let his wife go out with the girls.

That’s what’s so typical about these extreme statements.  People use them for situations that are in no way close.  Not all things are "great." Not everything your friend is saying is "exactly" what you were thinking. And not every situation is of "epic proportions."

It reminds me of the time OJ Simpson was in the back of the Ford Bronco and being followed by an army full of cops.  The initial media bites had OJ in a high speed chase.  Then, they were scrutinized for being so off the mark and changed their tune to describe it as a low speed chase.

Epic Proportions would be proportions that are far beyond normal.  They are more in the “great” realm and that’s a very distinct place.  Not every situation measures up to that.  So, stop using it to describe situations in every day life!  How about keeping things in their proper proportions?

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