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America’s Got Talent: Staged or Not

imageAmerica’s Got Talent Week 6 Night 2 had some of the most outrageous moments. I know why some of them were on standby. But others, I’m not so sure. What is the game?
The standby talent doesn’t get through unless slots are open. Taking a bit of a gamble putting some of this talent on standby thinking they’ll get a chance, just wait until someone on Night 1 gets sent home. Especially my girl, remember I called her, Anna Graceman.
That to me was vicious and these were my thoughts. If AGT is planning that she’ll get a chance because there will be a slot, taking a huge risk of possibly inadvertently sending her home. On the flip side of that thought is the off-chance that they knew she would get a chance. Then, it’s staged somewhat and you’ve lost a little credibility with me as a talent show.
If the show is for entertainment purposes, then build the drama. Put it in there! But if it’s a legitimate talent show, you can’t afford to take that chance. So, you either knew that she was going to go through and it’s staged or you didn’t know for sure and nearly blew it as a judge. This old soul with a huge voice in such a little package belonged on that stage long before most of the acts that were even considered.
I loved what this juggler had to say:
“I don’t think I’m the best act. I just don’t think any of us are going through.”
He made it through.
But you have an odd couple, one guy playing piano and can hardly read the sheet music in front of him while the other peels a banana and throws his shoe. The act ended when he took a phone call. No, it was not part of the act.
I could go on, but there were acts last night that had no business being there at all while there were great acts that deserved to be on Night 1, especially when you consider the Dog and Pony show from last night. A parrot that won’t say anything right. A dog that can’t jump rope like it was taught. People who can’t sing. People who can’t dance. People who forgot their lines.
All I have to say is that I am relieved, even though I did see it coming and I called it the night before, Anna Graceman made it through:

We’re all going to see great things from her, especially after her scare last night. She will never ever play as good as she played last night.  She’ll play better!

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