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Are You Kidding Me?

I know “What Happens in Vegas” came out over a year ago.  But, I’m catching it on Cable now and I just happened to notice something that I didn’t catch before.

First of all, let me set it up a little.  Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz meet in Las Vegas by accident when they were assigned the same room.  For this slight oversight, the hotel comps them each a honeymoon suite and some amenities.  Needless to say, they have a great night and get married.

Boom – They win $3,000,000 in a slot machine

Boom – The judge won’t grant them a divorce until they’ve spent 6 months together and the money is frozen.  (Judge played by Dennis Miller)

Boom – They don’t get along at all.  (This has a lot of room for fun.)

Boom – They have to go through court ordered therapy.  (Therapist played by Queen Latifah)

I know.  Star studded cast right?

Anyway, here we get to my point.  They finally start to get along.  They are seeing qualities in each other that they have ignored in the past.

At a retreat that Cameron’s boss is having for his company, Ashton shows up and they look like a great couple.  He actually comes through with the whole “husband” thing.  Then, he wins an award.  A simple company award where he gives a speech and he talks about Vegas where he never got his first dance.

So, the crowd steps aside and lets them have their first dance.  The crowd starts tapping their glasses, which means they want the lovely couple to kiss.  They barely hesitate.  They dive into a wonderful kiss that is very genuine.

The music playing is “Last Dance” by Donna Summer and it builds slow.  But, then it hits.  The slow song part is over and it’s time to dance.  This is where I have a problem.

Cameron pulls this absolutely sexy move in Ashton’s arms and someone steps in front of the camera.  That’s right!  Someone steps in front of the camera as Cameron is looking her absolute best in the movie.  I mean, ok she looked great all through the movie.  But, she’s dancing in Ashton’s arms with this look in her eyes that is absolutely sexy and someone steps in front of the camera.

I actually lost myself for a moment and told the person to get out of the way.  But then, I realized it was in the movie.  They let that stay in the movie.  For what reason, I don’t know.  But, I have never seen anything like that before.

I mean, what if in “The Public Enemy” while James Cagney is smashing a grapefruit in Mae Clark’s face someone just decides to step in front of the camera?

What if in “American Beauty” while Kevin Spacey is fantasizing about rose pedals coming from the breasts of Mena Suvari someone decides to block the scene with their fat butt?

What if in “Family Guy” while Stewart is on one of his rampages someone just takes it upon themselves to walk in front of the camera?

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