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Burn Notice and The New Season Coming

CelebrityBurn Notice is the real world equivalent to video games.  Ok, we’re not really even there yet.  It’s television.  It’s Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless.
You know, Cagney & Lacey.  She was Cagney.
Anyway, so they’re actors.  Michael Weston isn’t a real life operative who runs around Miami saving innocent people.  He’s an actor who walks off the set after a long day and goes home.
But, a video game is worse.  First of all, it doesn’t prove real parameters.  And just like Burn Notice, video games can be turned off at the end of the day and the player can go about living a somewhat normal life.
So, where does Burn Notice surpass the video games?
Actually, that’s easy.  For viewers, we get to see a man in action.  What would it be like if a man were actually burned from the CIA and ended up in Miami with all of his assets frozen and no identity, but the one he left behind years ago?
But, it’s more than that.  It keeps us interested because Michael Weston has gone through stages.  Each one harder than the one before.  Not many shows can say that.  They become stagnant and are unable to get us any further, which ultimately leads to their end.
With Michael Weston’s journey, we have watched him start over.  FBI were following him just to see what he was up to and they were relying on Michael’s best friend Sam to be their informant.  Sam only told them what would serve Michael’s interests best, so that worked out for him.
But then, the FBI were called off the job and an agent was put on him.  He made life a little tough and almost had Michael backed into a corner, ready to give up the spy business.  But in true Michael Weston style that we have all grown to love, he turns the books and the agent is taken off the case.
An assassin enters the picture and Michael takes care of that too.  But just when you think no one can get at Michael Weston, a handler is called to, well, “Handle” him.  Season One ends with a meeting he has been building up for since he first was burned.
Season Two picks up where Season One left off with Michael Weston driving a borrowed car into the back of a dark trailer.  It appears that we have reached a level we didn’t know existed.
Now, Michael Weston has a “boss” but he’s a rogue agent.  In other words, he’s not back yet.  But, he’s on his way.  His handler sends him on missions and through contact with her, Michael is like a grabby little kid.  If you put candy out in front of him, he will take it.  But, Michael Weston will look at it and diagnose it.  He won’t eat it.  Candy dangled in front of Michael Weston is just a source of information that gets him to where he wants to go.
Michael takes little by little and learns more and more about his handler.  Then, as he gets close she hires another rogue agent to keep a tighter check on Michael.  They get into some sticky stuff together and it all turns out good.  But then, as fast as the agent comes into his life he is gone.
Now, the world is chaos for the CIA and his handler.  It’s working out real well for Michael Weston, until he is almost killed in an explosion.  But, without skipping a beat Michael returns the next episode ready to find the man who tried to kill him.
Michael steadily gets closer and closer to the man who tried to kill him and by the end of Season Two, he has him in custody.  It appears that his old handler, the rogue agent is the culprit.  But, Michael decides to form an alliance with him to go after Carla.  It’s the perfect plan because when Fi finally gets her chance to take Carla out, she does so with precision.  But, that’s not until Michael’s newly formed alliance is also shot.
With two agents down, it appears that Michael has an oppening.  Management picks him up in a helicopter to ask him if he wants the position.  When Michael declines, his only way out is to jump out of the helicopter into the water below.  No more handlers.  But, no more protection either.
Very logical, very precise step by step levels that viewers loved following.  But, now what?  The New Season is coming and we can only hold on for the ride.

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