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Celebrity Advocate Now In Tampa

After a long leave of absence from Celebrity Advocate Today, I’ve finally returned to take my side on the issues of the day.  Why was I gone for so long?  I moved to Tampa.
That’s right!  I made the move to Tampa about two months ago and I’ve been enjoying the beaches and the weather.  It beats the below zero degrees weather I could get up in the D.C. area.
I’ve been getting the office together and making sure I stayed on top of my work.  Taking days off here and there, I’ve had a great time to say the least.  But, now I’ve come out of my absence to address the incident with the missing NFL players, Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith, and the third gentlemen, Will Bleakley.
My heart and prayers go out to the families of these three men.  With the Coast Guard giving up search confident that there are no survivors on the surface of the water, the glimmer of hope goes out on these families.  There could be a miracle.  They could be saved and we just don’t know it yet.  They could be somewhere somehow and they just don’t have the resources to get word to us.
Let’s hope.
But in the case that the Coast Guard is right and there are no survivors on the surface of the water, I want to extend my sorrows.  There are no words to comfort.  But, that you are not alone in your grief.
I wish Nick Schuyler a speedy recovery!

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