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CEOs Arrive In Hybrid

So, let me get this straight. Last month, the Big Three CEOs arrived in Washington in private jets. I bet they waltzed into the hearing expecting to be handed the billions of dollars they were asking.
Tone deaf CEOs missed the humor when Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY) asked, “Couldn’t you all have downgraded to first class or jet pooled or something to get here?”
Now what?  They go back to Detroit and find out they need 9 more billion dollars than they originally proposed when they didn’t have a business plan,  a business strategy or even a Plan B.  Everyone knows you have to have a Plan B.
9 More Billion?  Like it’s only a few extra dollars.
So, today they dropped the private jet routine and drove their hybrids.  I’m going to make a few statements that are most likely correct.
If they own those hybrids they drove, it’s because they were given to them for this dog and pony show.  They certainly didn’t drive those cars two weeks ago.
Next, the money being proposed today is fully accounted for as to how exactly it will be spent.
This is significant because the first proposal, $9 billion less, probably had a good bit of fringe benefits included for the CEOs to enjoy.
They only cared about themselves.  Now, $9 billion more means that they’ve actually gone back to the drawing board and figured out that the situation was much worse than they originally thought.
These are the guys who believe in big business and capitalism while they look down on welfare.  They are the type of people who would look down on a guy who was asking for a government handout.  Hmmm?

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