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Dea & Saint Rock The Amsterdam, Downtown St Petersburg

It wasn’t the type of bar I’m used to going. My bars have a rough edge where people don’t apologize for bumping into each other. The bartender gets yelled at if she’s not moving fast enough, and the bartender is always a she, in a short skirt and a tight shirt.
The Amsterdam in downtown St. Petersburg is entirely different. A guy apologized to me when I bumped into him. He turned around so fast, I didn’t have a chance to say anything before he was telling me how sorry he was that he was in my way. I shook my head, “No worries dude. My fault.”
The bartenders were cool too! No one yells at them. No one is in that big of a rush for a beer, which they brew all their own by the way. I had an assortment while I was there and each was better than the first.
But, I wasn’t there for all that. That was just a bonus for the evening. I was there to watch Dea & Saint, a local hip hop group who are making waves in the music industry. I wanted to see them live on stage because I already like their music, it was time to check them out in person.
It all started when Saint shared a video with me that they had made of their hit song “Smile.” They have an awesome edge to their music and concepts. The imagery in the video was wild, but with an interesting meaning attached to it. I love when music speaks to me, not just gibberish thrown together for the sake of calling it a song.
hip hop albumsSo when Dea & Saint were promoting this gig, that was my chance and it was everything I expected. They owned the stage! A small corner of the bar in front of a huge window where everything was jammed into, Dea & Saint played all their own originals. So, songs I haven’t heard before. Couldn’t sing along!
But, you know a good song when you feel the vibe. Dea’s angelic voice fills the room when she’s singing and the power of her lyrics blows you away when she’s rapping. Saint raps strong and hard about things that actually matter in this world and then he growls like the lead singer of a Death Metal band. Only, I’m into Death Metal and sometimes I’m not down with what I’m hearing.
When Saint growls into the mic, it actually goes with the song. It’s in perfect timing at just the right level, and makes the song come together rather than pull it apart. Each song I heard was masterfully done and that’s why their fan base is growing.
As they tried to wrap things up with some last words and to remind everyone about their next gig, a low roar started from the back of the room. Fans behind me were chanting, “Smile. Smile. Smile.” Their fans weren’t ready to let them leave and wanted one more. They even knew which one they wanted, a favorite in this crowd.
Dea & Saint looked at each other and shrugged. Might as well! Give the fans what they want! Once you check out their music, you’ll become fans too!
Check out the video below and a few of their songs. You can get them here at Dea & Saint. If you like their music, SHARE this with your friends on FACEBOOK and let them in on the experience!

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