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Farrah Abraham Wants to What

I didn’t even know who Farrah Abraham was until it was brought to my attention. But, now I know. She’s a very beautiful teen mom from the show Teen Mom.
But, I was stunned when I heard what she wanted to do. Stunned even more so when I heard she had already done it and what she wanted for it…
She has admitted to filming an adult movie with porn star James Deen. She said she did it so that later in life she can look back on this day and remember how great her body looked when she was this age. So, will everyone else! But, I’m sure she’s aware of the realization that this tape will circulate to all the pervs and kids out there who are into porn.
But after hearing about how much money she wants, I would say there might have been an alternative motive. She wants $2 million dollars for the movie and she says her lawyer is working on getting her that deal. Taking into account this new information, she wanted paid! It was a payday! So…
If the porn industry has any respect for her, I think she’ll get it. Just not the way she wants it! I don’t know how the industry works, but I don’t think any company will give her $2 million up front. If she signs the right deal though, I can see her making that much money in an ongoing royalty type basis. In fact, she just might be rich for the rest of her life if she plays it right.
I will tell you this, if her fame was dying, this put her back on the map. Regardless if she gets the payday she wants or not, I can see this sparking life into a career I knew nothing about until I heard this news. If that doesn’t tell you something, I’ll make it real clear. There are people like me who have lost interest in MTV since they stopped playing music and started putting on reality TV shows all day. This stunt brought Farrah Abraham to our attention and I can see myself catching shows she’s in if her career takes off because of it!

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