The NOVEL that strippers tip at strip clubs!

The Deeper Meaning of the Story

A River in the OceanHe tries to make a telescope to see the Sombrero Galaxy. When he tried to teach Krista how to fight, he ended up being the victim. But the one that takes the cake is when Gilmer taught Krista how to blow up stuff.
A River in the Ocean takes you on a journey where a good intentioned couple have no idea how to raise a child. The thing is, she’s not even theirs. She’s the daughter of a man who awakens from a coma and is suffering from Amnesia.
He has to put his life back together and he’s always stuck with the miserable feeling that he’s missing something. He’s haunted by it and it comes out in his paintings.
But, there is a deeper meaning to the story in the novel A River in the Ocean. To give readers greater insight in to this deeper meaning, I put together  A River in the Ocean Lens. It discusses how the entire novel is a metaphor for a much bigger story. Even the title has its own interesting tale. I hope you enjoy it!

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