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The True Story Behind The Girl Who Speaks American

I have enjoyed watching this video go viral, a girl talking about how there are over five languages in the world and she speaks American. She doesn’t understand why there is any need for Britishan, Canadian, Hawaiian or Alaskan. She talks about the language barrier because she asked a guy in the UK how much something costs and he told her how much it weighed, as in pounds. That’s hilarious!

Viewers who are unaware of who she is have been putting her down and commenting on the education system in America. That’s because a guy named Sean Walsh stole one of her videos and posted it on his Youtube channel with no connection to who she is or what she’s really about. It’s making people think that’s the real her and that she stands for all kids in America when it comes to being uneducated. But, that’s the problem. Those viewers who are sharing her videos are the ones who need to learn something.

She’s actually a pretty interesting girl who has a talent for making fun of things like gravity, the sun, and how The Office (the show) is fake. She has a channel on Youtube, Our Third Life, where you can watch all sorts of videos and enjoy her sophisticated, often delivered in a childish package, sense of humor.

She has several other channels under different names like Pupinia Stewart and iSweet where she gets to play on other personas. So, she’s actually a pretty bright girl who has a funny way of showing it. Hats off to her! She has a lot of people fooled.

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