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GSP, Georges St-Pierre vs. The Prodigy, BJ Penn

Waiting all day for the fight at 9, I watched the history of GSP and The Prodigy.  GSP is Georges St-Pierre who has been a favorite of mine for years.  The Prodigy is BJ Penn, a fighter I have respect for too.

They talked about both fighters.  They showed fights of both fighters.  They even threw a few extra fights into the mix.  All day, I was completely transfixed on UFC.

UFC – 94 started rolling at 9 and it wasn’t until 11:17 that GSP and the Prodigy started fighting.  The fight I had been waiting for all day had finally arrived.  Oh sure, it was actually fought back in January.  But, this is the first time I got to watch it.

GSP won after round 4 was over.  I’m stunned while I’m sitting here writing because the round was over and we were heading for round 5, the final round.  All of a sudden an announcement came over the television that the fight was over.  Then after viewing the repeat footage, we see BJ Penn’s brother calling the fight.

Whoa!  Did I just see that?  I believe during all the trash talk, Penn called GSP a quitter.  Now, I’m watching footage of Penn calling it a day.  Huh?

That’s a lot to swallow.  But, Penn’s right.  GSP dominated the fight every round.  There was no way Penn was going to win unless he knocked GSP out or submitted him.  And I just don’t see that happening!



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