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New Orleans Saints and Today's Battle

As I watched the Saints lose to the Redskins today, I was reminded of how I became a fan in the first place. It’s an interesting tale I’m sure no one else shares.
My cousin was a devout football fanatic when he was alive. He developed early a thorough understanding of all the teams and all the players on the teams. He knew all the statistics. There was hardly a question you could ask him that he didn’t know the answer.
I, however, was a John Wayne fan and I had about the same knowledge of all his movies that my cousin had of football. So when he came to me one day and asked who was my favorite football team, naturally I said the Cowboys.
He nodded and told me they were a good team. Then, he asked me why I had picked them. I told him I like John Wayne and westerns so I like the Cowboys. I was only six or seven at the time.
Well, after he stopped laughing he told me that I really needed a better way to choose a football team. So, I said I would work on it and he said he would help. We went through all the statistics and found the best football team in the league. I don’t know who that was because I looked at my cousin and told him something didn’t seem right. I would feel more comfortable cheering on the underdog.
So, back to the drawing board we went. We compared statistics of all the teams and found the absolutely worst team in the league…the New Orleans Saints.
That was 30 some odd years ago.
I had a game plan at the time that I would choose another team when the New Orleans Saints won.
That was 30 some odd years ago.
Now, I’m still a Saints fan. But, I’m so connected to the Saints that I couldn’t start cheering for another team if they ever won. I would feel like a traitor. So, I’m a Saints fan. For the rest of my life a Saints fan is what I will have to be.

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