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The Saints Lost To Who

Wow!  I could not believe what I saw today.  And the worst part about it is I live in Tampa.  Every neighbor I have just had to come and let me know who won the game as if I wasn’t watching it and already knew.
The Saints were up 17-0 before the half and then went completely scoreless from that point forward.  Tampa Bay rallied a 17 point comeback that took the game into overtime.  It wouldn’t have gone into overtime.  But as luck would have it, our kicker shanked another field goal. I’m not really mad at Garrett Hartley.  He has made 8 out of 10 attempts this year and was perfect last year.
But, what a time to miss.
Then, Tampa wins the coin toss, gets the ball, and that’s the game.
So, I could still get home field advantage.  And the Colts aren’t so scary anymore.  They lost tonight too.  It’s not like the whole world is going against me.  But, I just had to vent.
Thanks for being there.

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