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There literally are times when I see such a perfect body that it makes me stop everything I’m doing and appreciate it for a second. Of course, I’m not talking about one perfect type of body. That’s the thing about the way I look at beauty. There are absolutely stunning bodies of all shapes and sizes. You just know a hot body when you see it. [Read More]

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You know what I've never realized until just recently? It's how much of a celebrity's life is literally under a microscope. It wasn't like I didn't know that paparazzi followed celebrities around all day. I knew there was a high level of stalking and pestering that goes on every time a celebrity dares to venture out into public. But, the reality of [Read More]

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The news shocked the world! Everyone thought Hugh Hefner was immortal. He's not supposed to die. But, he passed away peacefully at the mansion and that's all anyone ever wanted for him. He was surrounded by friends and family as he took his last breath. That's when word hit the internet. We all knew before the morning news had a chance to tell us. [Read More]

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Samantha Sepulveda is a New York City cop. She walks around in her uniform meeting the people of New York all day. Little do they know who they are meeting. Samantha Sepulveda is no typical cop solving crime by day and going home to her cats at night. Although, she might have cats. There's nothing wrong with that. The thing about Samantha is that w [Read More]

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Am I in love with Katy Perry? Of course, I am. That's a stupid question. I've been in love with her since she kissed a girl. My love for her has grown with every hit because she loves to inspire. She's not singing cotton candy hits that make you dance, but have no meaning. She plays a much bigger role in our lives. How inspired were you when you he [Read More]

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She calls herself an actress and director. But, Amanda Cerny forgot to add model and comedian to the description of herself on Instagram. It's full of beautiful shots though and they are professionally taken. You know, not just selfies all over the place. But, actual photographs. That's a sign she's going places. Another sign? She has three movies [Read More]

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celeste barber

Celebrities have a whole different way of doing things. It seems like everything they do has to be photo worthy. They can't even do normal things without dressing up and posing. That's why these photo celebrity Instagram recreations by Celeste Barber are so hilarious. When a celebrity sits on the couch, they don't just sit down. They have their pho [Read More]

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Of course, Jess and Cece were holding their own on New Girl. I was happy just watching them. They made the show. But, Megan Fox brings even more awesome. It's like we didn't know the show was missing something. We would have been just fine had it never been revealed to us that what the show was missing was the awesomeness of Megan Fox. I literally [Read More]

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I don't know which I like better, his singing or how much her daughter loves it. You can tell she is in her own world while she's listening to her dad belt out the notes. A daughter's admiration for her father is one of the greatest kinds of loves. One thing about it is he does have a smooth voice. One comment to this video I found particularly fun [Read More]

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When Fiona came on Elementary last season, who knew what role she was going to play? The first episode revealed she was autistic with a great mind. But, she was just a character who was questioned and that was that. Or so we thought. She shows up a few episodes later to hire Dr. Watson to check someone out. It becomes clear that Sherlock took a lik [Read More]

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