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What happens to a person when they just have to have a Tickle Me Elmo so bad that they are willing to attack the person who has the last one? He suffered a concussion and a broken rib.

What happens to a group of people when they see the doors open to the store where they have been standing for hours that they have to trample over people to get inside? One man died. One lady lost her baby. And ten others were injured.

Why does a simple thing like Black Friday bring out the worst in so many of us?

Saving money. Being a hero for your children. Getting the things you want. Being the first to have them.

Throughout our lives, we encounter situations that test our humanity. Both individually and a community as a whole.

I hate when we fail. I really do. I think that we are all so much better than those snapshots taken of us at moments when we are at our worst. I love when we show how good we can actually be.

When there are natural disasters, volunteers come out of the woodwork.

When we have a need, there are those among us who rise to the challenge.

So, let’s remind ourselves that we are made of better stuff than the beasts in the wild who actually follow some major rules of nature. They never take more than they can use. They only fight when they feel threatened. And they would never trample a pregnant lady to get the last PS3:



Really! What would they do with it anyway?


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