Novel: A River in the Ocean

A River in the OceanI originally started thinking about my latest book A River in the Ocean long before my daughter was born. The concept of a man with no child was the original premise. After my daughter was born, it took on a whole new meaning to me.
Her mother and I separated and eventually divorced. During that time, I saw my daughter struggling with the idea of going back and forth between her parents. She was very young at first, so it didn’t bother her then. But years brought new feelings and when she was four, I wrote her a children’s book.
When You Miss Me was originally written on three pieces of paper that were split in thirds. I made an art project out of it, wrote my message for her and shared it with her. She loved it!
But as more years went by, I knew I needed to reach out to my daughter in a much different way. That’s when A River in the Ocean started to breathe new life.
The entire novel is a metaphor for what her and I have been through. But, it’s a story for everyone. You don’t have to know the story of us to enjoy it. When a father is in a near fatal accident, he ends up in a coma for nine years. That provided me with the platform I needed to work through the separation we had felt over the years.
We were never apart for nine years. In fact, we were never apart for more than a few days at a time. But, nine years does symbolize the time from when I put together the original children’s book and when I started taking on the task of writing this novel.
The little girl in the story is raised by a well-intentioned couple who have no idea what they are doing. I made the couple quirky to add some comedy relief. They raise her well figuring it out as they go like any other parents have to do.
Chris is the father in the story who begins putting his life back together after waking up from a coma. With no idea who he is or even what he does, he takes to furniture design and painting. He builds quite the following in the art world. But, a vision begins to appear to him. The vision becomes more real, and he eventually names her “Angel.” An unsettling grows. He feels he’s missing something. But, he can’t figure out what it is.
He captures moments in paintings as his life exists with a spirit who comes and goes. That private life he has built for himself and his paintings of her hidden in a secret room are suddenly shattered when he comes face to face with the girl he has been looking for all along. Only, he didn’t know he was looking and she didn’t know she needed found. Will it finally bring them back together or drive them further apart?
A River in the Ocean is a wonderful book you’ll enjoy reading. It’s available on Kindle and in Print. Get your copy today!

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