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John Cena Nails His Hulk Hogan Impression On 'Maya & Marty'

John Cena has improved in his acting. Of course, he’s had plenty of practice. Every night he steps in the ring, he has to say his lines and know his role.
Not to be critical of him, but I caught a 2006 movie called The Marine in which Cena starred and his acting left a lot to be desired. Skip ahead four years and I watched him in my favorite show Psych, I was impressed. I believed the part he was playing and that’s what acting is all about.
That’s why I can’t say enough about his impression of Hulk Hogan. Does he nail it? It’s hilarious how well he does it. But, he’s not the only good part about this skit. The whole thing is funny. Of course, it would have to be. You have the genius Martin Short playing the part of David Schwimmer.
What does David Schwimmer have to do with the Hulk Hogan vs Gawker case? That’s the genius of the skit.

Who Gets The Part Of Hulk Hogan Take One

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