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Elizabeth Edwards, It Was Way Too Fast

I watched the news earlier today.  All I heard was that Elizabeth Edwards had a few more weeks to live.  How in the world did it turn out to be only a few hours?

Of course, it has been years since we first heard the news.  We knew about her cancer back in 2004.  But, we thought it was gone.  We thought she took care of it and was able to move on with her life.  That is until it came back in 2007.  Then, we went through it all over again with her until today.  Today the pain went away.

But, that wasn’t the only pain in her life.  I consider Elizabeth one hell of a trooper who was able to keep perspective throughout all of her adversity.  In 1996, she lost her sixteen year old son in a car accident.  In 2008, her husband John Edwards admitted to having an affair with Rielle Hunter, which is something that would have been hard for him to keep denying.  He fathered a child with his mistress.

Throughout all of this adversity in her life, Elizabeth kept her head up and moving forward. Sometimes, the best medicine is to get everything off your chest.  Writing a book is one way to do that.  But, you’re not telling a friend or a small group of them.  When you are Elizabeth Edwards, you’re telling the world.

In Saving Graces, we learned about her breast cancer when she mentioned finding a lump.  Despite her own condition, she was determined to stand by her husband in the 2004 campaign.  She said she would deal with her cancer once the elections were over.

Resilience was published in 2009 and Elizabeth addressed both issues that were going on in her life.  She wanted to deal with both and she wanted to find peace with both.  Her cancer was not going to go away and her husband had admitted to the affair, he later admitted to being the child’s father.

That is a tough ordeal.  To Elizabeth’s credit, she handled it with grace.  She was able to keep her life in perspective through words that she wrote.  I’m sure her books gave her the ability to sort her thoughts.  It’s like keeping a journal, only a very public one with some very thoughtful insight that we all can use.


She passed away today at the age of 61.  Full of grace.  A noble life.

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