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Hilarious Comedian Recreation Of Hot Celebrity Instagram Shots

Celebrities have a whole different way of doing things. It seems like everything they do has to be photo worthy. They can’t even do normal things without dressing up and posing. That’s why these photo celebrity Instagram recreations by Celeste Barber are so hilarious.
When a celebrity sits on the couch, they don’t just sit down. They have their photographer taking a thousand shots while they sit in different positions. Then, they post the best on Instagram. That’s one way to keep themselves relevant.
What do normal people do? At the end of a long grueling day, we sink down into the couch and hopefully it’s enough to rejuvenate for the next day. No one in their right mind would want a picture of that. We look like death frozen over. A picture like that is better for a Halloween Brochure for a Haunted House.
Celeste Barber makes that point very clear as she recreates the best of hot Instagram photos! A hundred times over, she nails it…

Celeste Barber

celeste barber
Just wanted to introduce you to her before you see her goofy side. When she gets going, it’s easy to forget that she is an attractive comedian. But she’s married. So, get your eyes back in your head.

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