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The Westboro Baptist Church has been wrong about so many things and they have no problem staying wrong or showing it off when they stand on the street corner with their hateful signs. It’s not a problem for them to spew hate while acting like the innocent victims of ridicule. Isn’t that always the way it is?
Take it all into consideration. They protest at soldier funerals saying that the soldiers deserved to die. They hold signs that say “God Hates You” and “Thank God For 9/11.” But, they think they are the victims of hate. They think Satan is attacking them and waging war against them. It’s pretty clear they are playing Satan’s part in all this. But, that’s a different story. Today, we’re going to talk about getting out.
lauren drainWhen Lauren Drain showed up in the secular world with her story, we knew we had to get some pictures. I mean, she is one beautiful girl. She is proof that the members of the Westboro Baptist Church have lost their minds. They banished her from their church and that is just plain stupid. Seriously! You’d have to be a special kind of stupid to banish her from your church and never want her back.
So, we’re fine with it. We’ll keep her on our side. She’ll have more fun over here with us anyway. I mean after all, it’s not like we’re all going to hell. Westboro is only right about a few of us and honestly, they don’t even know who so we don’t worry about it too much.
It’s a movement that is picking up steam. More girls are seeing the light and coming over from the dark side. Don’t get me wrong, not all churches are bad. There are some great churches for hot sinners to attend. But, Westboro stands as the reigning example of oppression and misinformation. If your church is like that, call us at 1-800-get-away and we’ll arrange for your free passage out of Satan’s handy work.
Then, you too can tell us your story…

Lauren Drain Posing On The Sidewalk

Lauren Drain

Lauren Drain Against The Wall

Lauren Drain

Lauren Drain’s Bikini

Lauren Drain

Lauren Drain Trying Out A New Chair

Lauren Drain

I Mean, What Is Westboro Thinking?

Lauren Drain

The Foremother Of The Movement – Jessica Hahn

jessica hahn

These Secretaries Got Out Alive

hot secretaries

A Country Girl Defected To Our Side

country girl

She Got Out And Brought Her Religious Yoga Pants With Her

yoga pants

This Is The Last Photo Of Them Taken At Church

church girls

This Catholic Girl Made It Out As A Bartender

catholic girl

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