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The Jenny McCarthy And Tara Reid Smackdown On Live Broadcast

Some people call it the perfect fight. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting it. It was a fight out of the blue on the Jenny McCarthy show between her and Tara Reid and that’s something I guess you have to pick up in Hollywood.
Either that or it’s just something they knew was coming and they went there as fast as they could. They both went there too. It wasn’t like a one sided fight and then Tara Reid stormed out. Don’t listen to what other people are saying about it. When the fight hit the fan, they were both in there with their gloves on swinging.
Does it make a difference that I’m fans of both?
When a fight normally breaks out between two people, they say the worst things and they regret it later. But, that’s not what happened here. Although, I wonder if anyone is regretting what they said or how they said it. Because it did get harsh.
That’s the thing, the reason they are calling it the perfect fight is because of how it was done. They were exchanging niceties that actually were backhanded blows. That was the funniest part about it.
It’s like getting into an argument with someone who wishes you a good day, but does it so sarcastically that you can tell they actually want you to get hit by a bus. Then, you come back with something like, “Hope you do well on your STD test! I recommend STD Testing Plus where you can have that taken care of!”
Like whoa, did she just go there? And that’s how it’s done like a boss. Just listen to them go at each other. It turns awkward like you want to cringe and then, it gets bloody…real bloody.

The Claws Come Out In 3, 2…

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