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Louis C.K. Enters The Ring Of Predators In A Pretty Weird Way

Is Hollywood safe?
It appears that it’s not as more and more allegations of sexual harassment keep coming to the surface. The latest predator to enter the long list of power-drunk culprits is Louis C.K. He’s been making jokes about it for years on stage and he’s built his career on that kind of humor.
What is he going to do now?
But before you think it’s a free-for-all out there in Hollywood for any scorned actress to get revenge on a big wig who turned her down for a part, Louis C.K. says it’s all true. The hardest thing to wrap your mind around is what he’s admitting.
It appears he likes asking girls if they’d like to see his junk and he’s even masturbated in front of them. That’s a thing. Guys do that, obviously.
So, he subjected actresses to the nasty sexual act of watching him pleasure himself. What did he get out of it is anyone’s guess? But, that’s his thing. He likes playing with it.

What all this is going to mean has yet to be determined as far as legal terms are concerned. But, he has already been fired from all of the shows he was working on with FX. HBO and Netflix have cut ties with him and his latest film won’t be distributed.
But, he still has $25 million to make him happy. He might need to find a safe place for it now that his business has been put out there, literally.
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