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Snoop Dogg Drops A Big Slam On Caitlyn Jenner

snoop dogg caitylyn jennerIt wasn’t slow at all, in any form of the word. The world embraced Caitlyn Jenner faster than it did the LGBT community itself. She revealed herself on Vanity Fair and the news exploded!
First, everyone in the media was talking about how great she looks and showing her their support. But then, the comments got more real. People started talking about what she was wearing. They started asking who she’ll be dating and then they mentioned her age. As Jon Stewart effectively pointed out, that’s a huge signal that she has been accepted as a woman. Welcome to being a woman in America!
But, there has been some criticism. The media has stomped on anyone who dared to say anything derogatory. When anyone says they still think of her as Bruce, they get the big Social Media slam. So, how are they going to handle Snoop Dogg’s criticism.
Do you know that Akon has a very successful campaign to provide homes in Africa with Solar Power? The goal was to provide one million homes and to teach locals how to install the equipment. They also educate residents who to maintain the equipment. But, the campaign has surpassed expectations. They are now in eleven countries and are getting upwards of providing six hundred million homes with Solar Power.
If you don’t know about Akon’s successful campaign, that’s what Snoop’s upset about. He don’t like the fact that Akon’s story is not in the news, but Caitlyn Jenner is all over it. Then, he went on to call Caitlyn the “science project bruce jenner.” What do you think? Did he have to go there or you agree with his opinion?
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