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‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Fashion Gallery Would Work Today

Mrs. Maisel just got married. Her husband is successful. She is the perfect wife who measures herself and gets up after her husband falls asleep to strip her face and put cream on it to keep it fresh. Then, she wakes up early in the morning before the alarm clock to put her face back on and make sure her hair is perfect.

It makes you scratch your head thinking, were there really wives like that back in the day? The answer is yes, because she got it from her mother who does the same routine. So, the Maisels appear to have the perfect life and we get to see how much work goes into that. But, then comes the BOOM! Her husband has been cheating on her with his secretary. This news comes after we watch him bomb on stage trying to be a comedian at the Gaslight, a club that literally lets anyone perform.

When he leaves his beautiful wife played by Rachel Brosnahan, we watch her go through denial. She doesn’t cry much. She doesn’t have time to cry. She pushes herself through the breakup and through the stress of keeping the news from people while maintaining appearances. That is until it hits her and it drives her to have a few drinks. That night, she would end up getting arrested. But not before stumbling onto the stage at the Gaslight and making everyone laugh hysterically over her rant about her life falling apart.  It would be the perfect revenge if it was intentional. 

Take all that in and my thoughts go on for days about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. But the one thought that keeps occurring to me is how great she looks in every shot. It’s a period piece set in the 50s and her fashion would still work today. 

Her measuring outfit is like something you can wear in yoga. Of course, the style was in during the 80s too and nothing really good came out of the 80s. But as you can see, this didn’t come out of the 80s. It was just still hanging on.

This blue dress would be very fashionable. I’d definitely look if I saw someone enter the room wearing this. And in a good way. Not the bad, creepy way.

She’s entertaining at a party in this outfit. She’s getting her wings and learning that she really is funny. She’s not the kind of comedian who writes down her jokes though. She’s a Stream of Conscience comedian who just talks about whatever is on her mind and she makes it funny.

She looks great on the boat. This outfit would make anyone look great on a boat. Get the boat outfit if you have any plans of going boating. You’ll turn some heads.

Do you see what I’m saying? There was a really hot thing ladies had going on back in the 50s. Why in the world did they ever change it? This is coming back. I’d bet on it. 

Her new relationship with Benjamin works better for me. After a while, as a fan of the show, you get over what her husband Joel did to her and you stop hating him. But when people put it on her for not wanting to get back with him, you want to remind her mother, played by Marin Hinkle, and her father, played by Tony Shalhoub, and anyone else who has an opinion about it that he cheated on her. End of story. Discussion closed. What she has with Benjamin just seems to work much better anyway. 

This is the look of someone who just lost someone special. On top of losing her and realizing he has really lost her, this is the look on his face when he watches her on stage. She’s getting laughs and it was his dream. He couldn’t get laughs from a bit he stole and she’s on stage getting the laughs he never could. 

Just as you start to feel sorry for the guy, you remind yourself that he cheated on her and someone like Mrs. Maisel doesn’t deserve that.

This is my favorite look that she gives throughout the show. When she’s on stage or she’s talking to certain people, there is that moment when she gives this look. Is it confusion? Is it deep thought like ‘I can’t believe what I’m hearing?’ Not sure, but it’s my favorite!

Are there other themes than just the fashion that would work today? This show is about a lady who breaks into comedy, a male dominated world. Her manager is also a lady played by Alex Borstein. It’s also about a lady who goes through a divorce, you know, before it was popular.

There are layers of themes. But, you can get caught up in the comedy. If you do, you’ll miss what women went through when their husbands cheated on them, how they were pressured to make the marriage work even when it wasn’t their fault, they were expected to be perfect all the time, and breaking into a male dominated world was tough.

So tough that when I watched the guys giving her a hard time, all I could see was a bunch of scared punks who used their leverage to bully her around. It did not make us look good at all. But, that’s just what went through my head. Feel free to have your own thoughts when you watch a bunch of punks using their leverage to bully her around.

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