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The Taylor Swift Attack, Because You Just Can't Be Perfect These Days

Kanye West is feeling good about himself right now. After all, everything played out the way he wanted it. Taylor Swift got snubbed by MTV’s VMA awards while Beyonce dominated the nominations.
So, Kanye feels vindicated from the time in 2009 when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s award moment. Besides that, Kanye fans are thinking he had something to do with it. So, that’s making Kanye feel even better about himself.
Even though MTV keeps a tight lip on how they choose their nominations, I’d be surprised that Kanye was able to make a few phone calls and have MTV decide to appease him at the cost of betraying all of Taylor Swift’s look
Let’s say that the cards fell that way and that happens in the business. 2009 Taylor Swift got an award that Kanye West felt belonged to Beyonce. This year Beyonce stands a chance to dominate the entire award show. That’s the business.
But, here’s what I see. There was scandal just recently about a call Kanye made to Taylor Swift that Kim recorded. Kanye came across like he was trying to make friends and ask for permission to record some lines he wrote in his song. You know the story. I don’t have to repeat the details.
60s throwback
But how I see it is, he made that call with one face. Then, he hung up and put his other face on. It was not a straight up move and shows his character if you care to look at it the right way. Not the twisted story they are weaving in the media. But, check the video out.
You hear Taylor Swift’s voice. But, do you see the whole conversation? Do you hear everything they talked about? That’s the art of swing. When you have the footage, you can cut it any way you want to tell any story you want.
In fact, check out what he said to her, “All I give a f**k about is just you, as a person and as a friend. I want things that make you feel good. I don’t want to do rap that makes people feel bad… I felt like I just had a responsibility to you as a friend.”
Now that was the one face he wore that day during the phone call. Let’s look at face number two where he wants to blast Taylor Swift in the upcoming VMAs. What is that about? It sounds to me like this is the same stunt he and Kim pulled to get famous in the first place. Their sex tape gave them their names. Now, they don’t know how to stop using tactics like that to keep themselves in the headlines. You know, like do something good rather than make more smut.
is she a model or a singer
See, the thing about Taylor Swift is she’s been too perfect for too long. That turns people off for some reason. You make hit after hit. You do the right things. You keep your private life as private as possible and you give young people a good role model to look up to. People don’t like that shit!
They’d rather watch Kanye go crazy right before their very eyes. Saying he’s a genius. He’s God’s vessel (you know, with a sex tape out). He’s more influential than any other human by 50%. He’s too busy writing history to read it.
That just scratches the surface on what he thinks of himself. It gets hilariously weird like when he said he doesn’t listen to rap because his apartment is too nice to listen to rap in it. There’s a guy who thinks he’s got it all figured out, but he isn’t wrapped too tight. How could he be so full of himself if he doesn’t even think that what he’s doing is good enough for his own apartment?
But one thing he’s right on is when he said, “When you’re the absolute best, you get hated on the most.”
Hear that Taylor? That’s what’s up. That’s what’s going at the VMAs this year. Kind of the same thing I just said.
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