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This Cop Called For Serious Backup When He Was Outnumbered By Teenage Kids

An officer was called to a nice suburban neighborhood where teenagers were doing the unthinkable. They had setup a hoop and were playing ball. Yes, that’s what they were doing.
So when the officer responded, he brought backup with him. First, he grabbed the ball. Then, he took a shot. Of course, he missed. But, he was a little rusty.
His backup wasn’t about to miss though. Because when Shaquille O’Neal stepped up to these kids, they knew they had their hands full. All of a sudden, a basketball game broke out and it was on.
By the way, in case you didn’t know, Shaq is an officer. He went through the training. He has his shield and he’s a friend of the force. He’s also a friend of teenagers playing basketball on the streets.
I don’t know why these neighbors were upset when the kids were only trying to play a game. But, I love how the officers responded. There isn’t always a need to bow down to a few griping neighbors if they don’t get it. Get out there and play ball with them. That’s the way to do it.

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