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Waka Flocka Takes On Trump After His Remarks About Mexican Immigrants

Donald Trump really stepped into it on this one. He’s been in trouble before. Maybe that’s his problem. He doesn’t think it’s possible for an empire to be toppled.
But, entire government empires have gone down. What makes him think his can’t become a thing of the past in a hot minute? He walked up onto the stage to announce his run of presidency and he destroyed it just that fast.
His comments that have people outraged, “The Mexican Government is sending people that have lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems to us. They are bringing drugs, and bringing crime, and their rapists.”
Since he made those statements, he’s the one who got fired by NBC. He tried his swing on it that he couldn’t do the show because he was running for the President. But, the truth caught up with him. He was no longer able to keep it at bay. Then, everything started to fall apart. His Miss USA pageant is being boycotted and that just got started. We have yet to hear the end of that one.
On top of that celebrities have taken their stand. They have to speak out. Silence means consent. So, Waka Flocka got into the mix with a line of tweets. . .

I don’t know, maybe Waka throws his hat in the ring? Let’s get on that shit!
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