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Daughter Catches Father Singing With The Smoothest Voice

I don’t know which I like better, his singing or how much her daughter loves it. You can tell she is in her own world while she’s listening to her dad belt out the notes. A daughter’s admiration for her father is one of the greatest kinds of loves.
One thing about it is he does have a smooth voice. One comment to this video I found particularly funny was when TexanHick01 wrote, “I want to lay on a mattress made of your voice.”
That’s how smooth it is. You might have to think about that one for a minute and it just might be the strangest way to compliment a guy. But, that tells you how smooth the man’s voice is.
Back to the daughter who is totally enjoying her father’s singing. She makes the video too. She knows the words and she’s this adorable girl who is just loving the moment. It by far is the best video of 2017.
I know, it’s only a week into January. But, we need more of this in our lives. So, take it in and don’t let it go.

Smooth As “Tennessee Whiskey”

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